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ORANGE WORLD is a working 50-acre citrus property situated just 8 minutes from Mildura over the Chaffey  Bridge , New South Wales side of the Murray River on the Silver City Highway. We offer educational and informative citrus tours around the pituresque property of avocado trees, numerous citrus varieties and tree grafting areas. During picking season visitors can see pickers at work. In orange blossom time the trees are laden with blossom and the beautiful sweet scent drifts throughout the orchard. Travel on the 70-seat tractor train is undercover, and passengers receive a fruit tasting informative commentary on a wealth of citrus information with a juicy sense of humour. 
The tour also includes a nursery talk where guides explain how to successfully grow citrus trees at home, how to select good quality fruit and answer the many questions that you may have on citrus. The tour concludes with a mini processing display and a demonstration of a very unique orange peeler which visitors can purchase. Visitors have the opportunity to take in the magnificent views over the expanse of citrus and grapevines of the district from the Orange World Look Out Tower.
ORANGE WORLD offers a range of souvenirs and gourmet foods, including homestyle citrus marmalades, orange blossom honey, citrus soaps, citrus cleaning products, fresh orange juice, local cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil, sundried sultanas and other local produce. Orange World oranges are for sale all year round. The kiosk also serves fresh coffee, tea, scones and ice-cream for those hot summer days.

ORANGE WORLD offers a real treat for the young and old with 16 years of successfully showing off the values of the simple orange.

ORANGE WORLD, one of Sunraysia's most popular and longest operational tourist attractions where you can taste the sunshine in every orange!


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