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The Food Bowl of Australia
Mildura and the greater Murray Mallee region is an oasis which is blessed with a Mediterranean climate, year-long sunshine and essential irrigation from the Mighty Murray River. That is why our region is one of the most respected and well known food bowls in  Australia and are famous for our export quality fresh and dried fruit. The Mildura region accounts for approximately 21% of Australia's citrus and produces over 120,000 tonne to both local and international markets.
Local celebrity chef and author Stefano de Pieri is the region's Tourism Ambassador for food and wine and is well known for his award-winning restaurant, and ABC Television series, "A Gondola on the Murray" (
Orange World makes its own gourmet products, such as our delectable Murray Marmalade Collection and chocolate coated dried oranges. Besides our lovely citrus fruits and freshly squeezed juices on sale all year round, we also have lemon and orange sorbet for those hot summer days.
We guarantee the freshness of our preservative-free citrus marmalades by literally bottling them the same day we pick it off the tree!
We are also proud to stock a range of locally produced products, such as chemical-free cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil, Murray River Salt Flakes, delicate orange blossom honey, sultanas, pistachios, and almonds.
Here is a small preview of some of the products we have on offer:
Delicate Orange Blossom Honey
Orange World Chocolate Coated Dried Oranges
Orange World Murray Marmalade Collection
Orange World Fresh Orange Juice Squeezed by our very own Zummo Machine (1Lt or 2Lt containers)
Fresh fruit delivered to your door (depending on season and customer location: lemons, grapefruit, oranges, avocados)
Varapodio Estate Chemical Free Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Cold-pressed)
Murray River Salt Flakes
Orange World Preserved Spiced Oranges in Cointreau
Locally produced almonds, pitachios and sundried sultanas
Orange World Citrus Peelers
Handmade citrus soaps (orange or lemon)
Citrus Resources Cleaning products


* Orders by email, phone or fax is welcome.


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